So far... 2013 K-Pop Rookies {Part 1/?}


"Brace yourselves", said GaIn and Jo Kwon, "Rookies are coming!"

It is now time to recap 2013 K-Pop rookies before they're too many and eat our brains. Laughing Out Loud. Nope, it is time to do recap in two, three parts...? because they're already a bunch. And it's not end of year yet. Sigh. More will come later, for sure.

Let's begin but you must keep in mind I will only talk about rookies that interested me (in a  good or bad way) If you want to check the entire list, hit on Google or whatever "list of 2013 kpop group debut" you'll find several links. Or you can just check wiki's "list of South Korean band per year"

Also, I only selected few videos (well, let's be honest: my favourite videos) because even if I mentioned some rookies, well their MV is not that great. Still, I put the link for you if you want to check their MV.

Is it really necessary to mention INFINITE sub-unit INFINITE H "Special Girl" single? Instead of crying of happiness of how happy I am to see members of INFINITE doing this duo, I'd rather cry about the featuring with Bumkey and more important, about Primary's being in the MV. Because I'm not an Inspirit but an Amoeba Lover (or whatever fanclub name for Amoebakorea) Nevertheless, I must admit those INFINITE boys are pretty good and have good sweet charisma!

I'm sad they're called Egobomb because this name is kinda ridiculous... Even if their MV is not as good as one from big companies, I wanted to highlight them because their song is not that bad. I actually like their voices.

Another sub-unit, this time it is from 4MINUTE (I love this group especially for Hyuna and  JiYoon) and guess what it is called 2YOON. Yep, two YOON then GaYoon and JiYoon. I didn't expect to like it but that song is damn addictive. And I became a bigger fan of JiYoon.

kpNever Mind is a new pop-rock Korean band (more pop than rock) and... wow I can feel Japanese inspiration. First their logo reminded of the one from LM.C. Second, the MV reminded me of one from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Anyway, it is still nice to hear and at least Korean are trying to do more rock nowadays.

You must not miss Ladies' Code this year because they're one hell of a rookie. To me they're less charismatic than GLAM but their strength is obviously their voices. I wished their MV was better through because some parts are not really consistent. Through, best parts were probably teasers when each girl is using different weapon. Oh, and one girl looks alike so much with Lee Hi, and another one with Goo Ara.

Other 2013 rookies:

Dasoni "Good Bye"

Sub-unit of 2 members from EXID. Well, I prefer EXID as an entire group...

ICONIZE "Show You What I Got"

They're trying to do rock but it didn't convince me.

MAIN "Love Is"

Eeww not my style, I only checked this song because Seungri twitted about it...

Airplane "So Pretty"

A strong feeling of BIGBANG's MV "Bad Boy", through with different music.

PASCOL "Let's Eat Together Sometime"

Oh my, perfect drama song, let's all cry together!

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