So far... 2013 K-Pop Rookies {Part 2/?}


"And I thought... (A)OMG"

Lovely rookies are here for sure and my face is the same as Jay Park above. I knew I had some blogs updates to do but right now I'm panick a little to see all the work I have to do to give you a good blog post. I'll do my best, please cheer up for me!

Let's begin with some tracks!

M4M "Sadness"

United Cube takes no risk and gives us a new group (this time singing in Chinese) with a common music video and song, maybe to see if fans are ready to welcome a new group. It is not a complete fail but this group, as many others, lacks personality and that little thing that makes you want to totally fall for them.

PURE "I still love you"

First impression: uh, wow, is that a mix of Haru Haru by BIGBANG with the fast rap of Outsider? When coming to the chorus: uuuuh nope, it is not. And I just learned by reading Youtube comments that 3 members left the group. Ouch.

uBEAT "Should have treated you better"

Sub-unit of U-KISS. Sorry, no other comment came to my mind. I guess U-KISS fans liked this (as I'm fond of every YG sub-unit)

HISTORY "Dreamer"

If you love musicals, you'll probably like this. The song is that great to me but I have to admit that the music video was not that bad.

T-ARA N4 "Jeon Won Diary"

Is there any need to introduce T-ARA? Here's the sub-unit (yes, it is the year of sub-unit) Two versions are available, dance and drama. I prefer to share to you dance version since drama version is much longer.

And now... highlight on my favourite rookies!

G.I. (Global Icon) "Beatles"

Fierce girls from the Sim Tong company (Crispi Crunch, yeah!), G.I. totally got me with their boyish style, sick song and weird outfit and concept. They should have get more recognition but we all know general public likes to stick to its favourite girls, who are cutie pies and only do aegyo.

Let's face reality: unless G.I. decide to go with sexy or cute concept (wink wink SNSD), wear mini-skirt (wink wink 99% of girlsband) or is friend with famous designers (wink wink 2NE1), they'll remain unknown.

DELIGHT "Mega Yak"

I know this music video looks cheaper than other, through the crazy song became a must to me. While trying to look like swag is natural for her, what caught my attention was how they were truly having fun. You can see that they like what they do and that is more important that all super-class-expensive music videos with famous singers looking so bored.

ICON (Noh Min Woo) "Rockstar"

I call this an UFO video because it has clearly many inspirations. It seems like Miyavi, G-Dragon and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu just had a baby. Guitar, charisma and style. All I need is that.

ODD EYE "Catch me if you can" (Korean Version)

As usual I fall in love with weird music video and song. Ok, this debut song was not the best, but try their second single "Follow Me" (performance version) and dare tell me they don't have talent.

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan aka Bangtan Boys aka Bulletproof Boyscouts)

"No more dream"

These boys are fabulous. No joke. After falling in love with BIGBANG, I thought no other group would win my heart. And suddenly they appear on Facebook, doing a very clever promotion, teasing future fans with pictures, songs, mixtapes... until the release of their debut song. OMG. Big punch in my face. Double-punch when I read in an interview that their rolemodel was BIGBANG. Hohoho. This is destiny. I was made to like this group.

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