So far... 2013 K-Pop Rookies {Part 3/?}

"You're still here?"

And I AM STILL HERE! Yes, I know it's been a long time baby *long time no see, long time no see~ puhahaha TOP's song Doom Dada~* We need to finish this 2013 K-Pop Rookies List, yes we need! Let's start again!

Only tracks because the MV does not fit my taste...

BESTie "Pitapat"

Am I too old for this kind of song...? I think so. Or not. Thing is I prefer Crayon Pop. That's all.

Turan "Bang Bang Bang"

It could have been really nice but lacks something... probably attractive voices.

M.I.K "Get Away"

Not my style AT ALL.

Lush "Miserable"

Not bad but *insert previous comment*

CollaVoice "Your Wedding"

It is way better that all the songs previously commented! They look like artists and not idols (no offense, I like idols too but let's be honest, sometimes real music is so good to our ears)

And now, rookies music videos you should watch!

LC9 feat. GA IN "Mama Beat"

Why you should watch this:

  • Awesome anime-like boys who are fighting like crazy,
  • Sick and addictive electro beat,
  • Charismatic dance version of the MV,
  • Featuring with Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls)
  • Nice fashion and contact lens.


Why you should watch this:

  • Punchy and fresh song,
  • Great dance moves,
  • Cute boys,
  • Nice plot, nice box (way different from SM Town boxes, haha, but less good than Zion. T's box),
  • They rock autotune,
  • Here's the dance version!

M.Pire "Can't Be Friend With You"

Why you should watch this:

  • They rock the vampire style as 4Minute,
  • They have a good choreography,
  • Their accessories are daebak!

2EYES "Don't Mess With Me"

Why you should watch this:

  • Awesome sci-fi plot,
  • Fierce girls,
  • And as a bonus, actor Kim Woo Bin appears (but I don't like him)


Why you should watch this:

  • Have another look at vampires by Korean point of view,
  • Switch to a more sexy and mature music video,
  • But end in laughs because the song is weird...!
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