So far... 2013 K-Pop Rookies {Part 4/4}

Let's stop here!

I think 4 articles about 2013 K-Pop Rookies is enough! We are already in April 2014 and I'm wondering if I should do the same kind of articles about 2014 Rookies. But it's a lot of work so I don't think I'll do it the same way...

Let's say goodbye to our dear rookies!

Here are the last ones:

Say Yes "Feel Good"

If you're looking for more CN Blue band style, try this!

Wa$$up "Wa$$up"

When South Korean are imitating the worst of American pop...

5urprise "Hey U Come On"

Voices and look were awesome until the song's chorus... too bad.

NOM "Pretty Noona"

The song is meh but I liked the concept in the MV with the children. Through, Little Psy is annoying.

Now here is one hell of a rookie: Royal Pirates

Even their name is badass. The music video itself is not that great but the music, oh dear. It makes me forget about the bad quality video. It makes me listen to rock again! Such a miracle.

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