My 2014 K-Pop Selection: Solo Singers

It looks like no female singers made it to my selection... To me Hyuna, GaIn and Sunmi's solo songs were not as good as the ones male singers did. I notice that songs in this selection are either electro style (Rain, PSY, Taeyang) or soul, jazzy-wannabe (M, Eric Nam). I should have mention Jay Park here since he released a lot of new songs but I can't mix him with K-Pop, right? He's more into K-Hip-Hop category (and Gary too).

He's a legend even though, to be honest, I discovered him THIS year...!

Not only he's a funny guy when he's with Shinhwa but his solo was pretty good!

Eric Nam was wise to sign with Lee Hyori's company!

Let's not talk about Taeyang's awful hairstyle and just enjoy this great song...

Addictive, but not as much as Gentleman, the MV is fun to watch!

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