Mr Gae, (please) Call Me Gray, (I got a) Crush On You

Mr Gae, (please) Call Me Gray, (I got a) Crush On YouMr Gae, (please) Call Me Gray, (I got a) Crush On YouMr Gae, (please) Call Me Gray, (I got a) Crush On You

Three rappers you have no choice but like them.

Respect to sunbae so I'll present them in this order:

Gary from LEESSANG (LeesSang Company)

Gray (AOMG)

Crush (AmoebaCulture)

MR. GAE - 1st Mini-Album by Gary

Listen to the Mini-Album here!

No flaws here, I liked the whole mini-album, to me it sounds well-balanced: slow songs and more dynamic ones. Moreover the featuring with Crush is awesome in "Shower Later" and the track with Juvie Train and Kye Bum Joo is totally badass!


CALL ME GRAY - Single by Gray

Listen to the Single here! 

Plenty of featuring here, we have Swings, Jay Park, Dok2 and Crush again. The four tracks are really good, kind of jazzy. It's such a success I wish Gray releases more in the future! It is probably my favourite one among the three I present to you in this post.

CRUSH ON YOU - 1st Album by Crush

Listen to the Album here!

The most accomplished work here, top-class featuring (Lydia Paek, Zion. T, Gray, Kumapark, Choiza, Gaeko, Jay Park, Simon Dominic and Jinbo), Crush's voice will melt your heart for sure! 11 songs where you can notice some inspiration from different artists ("Hey Baby" reminds me a lot of a mix of Prince and Michael Jackson), the song with Choiza has a little Pharrell/Daft Punk feeling... but still it's pretty enjoyable to listen to.

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