2014 Rookies who made it on my list

Since I have more time now, here is my selection of the best 2014 rookies. My choice was based upon various criteria, such as:
- quality of the song (overall feeling)
- voices/rap
- and last quality of the video
But my main interest is the song itself.

SONG: 8/10

Since the beginning it sounds nice and you will get addicted to it quickly. But it still is a pop song, not so different from American ones and the song is kinda repetitive.


VOICE: 6/10

WINGS sounds different sure, but I can find better singers out there.


VIDEO: 9/10

Very entertaining, it does remind me of Lee Jung Hyun "V", for the kind of horror theme. Well, it is not as creepy as "V" but don't you feel ill-at-ease when you see the two girls holding big sharp scissors behind their back?

SONG: 10/10

I'm a Jamiroquai fan, I like jazz and soul, so anything that looks like this is welcome! TROY succeeds in making a smooth, jazzy, catchy song.


VOICE: 10/10 & RAP: 8/10

Ok, do I even need to say that the top score is for Bumkey? He has a sweet, unique voice. For rapping parts it is Kanto who caught my attention, the two other members are way too forgettable, sorry.


VIDEO: 8/10

The video displays a nice change of lights, but some of the costumes were too much... and was it necessary to add fanservice (aka one TROY's member being topless, we are here for the music...)

SONG: 7/10

The song is lovely, but quite simple. I liked the chorus but some verses were a bit long.


VOICE: 7/10 & RAP: 7/10

The rap part was a bit annoying, but the voices were unexpectedly awesome. Minus for IU, I really can't stand her voice.


VIDEO: 9/10

Far from the colourful and flashy K-Pop videos, this one chose simplicity. Actually the setting was cool but too bad at the end they decided to dance... I know they're a K-Pop group but can't you wait your second MV to dance? It seems really akward that suddenly they have this urge of dancing...

SONG: 6/10

It could have been awesome but first, the shouting at the beginning made me laugh! The melody is pretty but I would have preferred it to be a little bit more dynamic?


VOICE: 6/10 & RAP: 4/10

The rap was so common it don't need more comment. Voices were not that bad but how come it sounds like only one person sang? It's a boysband, and it feels wrong there is only one person singing...? (and don't tell me, "but this one is the visual, this one the dancer...")


VIDEO: 5/10

They tried to hard and when you try to hard: it's just ridiculous. They obviously take concepts from other K-Pop groups, but the worts is the ugly look alike with Woodkid music video... special effects were terrible. I'd rather have them copying K-Pop groups than foreign artists. And their logo freaking looks alike with Transfomers logo. 

SONG: 8/10

Despite many flaws (see below) the song itself is damn good!


VOICE & RAP: 6/10



VIDEO: 6/10

Another video taking inspiration everywhere: masks from BAP, concept from VIXX, the choreography in the beginning made me think of "Tarantallegra" by Junsu Xia.

SONG: 10/10

Traditional music mixed with modern music. This is my favourite genre. Moreover they're so arrogant and proud of their country: this is different from other debut songs.


VOICE & RAP: 6/10

Nothing really mind-blowing but at least they don't sound bad.


VIDEO: 8/10

Good idea the text in different languages to say "Hello". But the setting with lights above the head is exactly the same in Lu:kus video, I assume it is either a trendy setting or cheap one.

SONG: 8/10

I swear I have heard somewhere the melody... but anyway it's all good.


VOICE: 8/10

They remind me a little of Royal Pirates but it is annoying the way they pronounce English.


VIDEO: 4/10

Wasn't it in Avicii's video where a girl was riding a horse...? Please stop taking idea (and especially lame idea) from others... also when they all run in the street it reminded me of Bigbang's "Lies".

SONG: 8/10

Not my kind of song usually but they managed to make it not too boring (the beat is cool).


VOICE: 8/10 & RAP: 8/10

I was expecting the girl to sing and the boy to rap, but it is the other way! They have good chemistry, it is very pleasant to listen to them.


VIDEO: 5/10

The style reminds AKMU videos. And I'm not fond of cellphone so meh.

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