Top 5 K-Pop Music Videos - January to April (2015)

Just a subjective ranking of the best music videos released between January and April (2015). I'm so happy to see that some girls made it on my selection since we were literally drown in stupid-sexy-brainless concepts lately (boys as girls should stop it) but GaIn and Lim Kim managed to be different.

#5 "Apple" - GaIn feat. Jay Park

GaIn is more and more an artist you should not miss! The visual in this video is fun, colorful and display sexy visual without being gross. The lyrics and music are pretty good but too bad this song is so short.

#4 "Sniper" - SHINHWA

I have to say the music theme with the whistling is pretty addictive, but some lyrics made me laugh, especially the part: "You can't run, you can't hide" As if the girl was a beast in the forest, and SHINHWA some hunters...!

Anyway, the video itself is beautiful, with interesting sets, the choreography is hot (but why the red clothes? So awkward) and I can't stop watching Minwoo...

#3 "Awoo" - Lim Kim, Togeworl

There is still one part in this video I can't understand: what does the yellow dust falling from her hair mean? If anyone has an idea I'd be glad to hear it!

Lim Kim is back with a tasteful song and video, how nice is it that the girl sings about flirting without being vulgar. Also the work made on the video is entertaining and the beat won't leave your head for days (thank you Primary for such a good work).

#2 "Paradise Lost" - GaIn

One of the best choice GaIn ever made was to sign with Mystic89, where she can exploit her full potential. "Paradise Lost" is truly a hit, in many aspects: music, lyrics, message, visual, choreography. This is flawless. I even dare to say she's giving a lesson to Western pop stars: dear ladies, this is how you make a sexy yet complex video about desire. 

#1 "Bang Diggy Bang Bang" - MFBTY

Such a catchy song, that everybody can and will like! Congrats MFBTY for a splendid comeback, with a gorgeous video mixed with different inspirations and so many fun scenes! I wish Korean artists would do more videos like this, where you can see they truly have fun and not just those countless girlsband and boysband selling their body with no real message behind.

MFBTY does music because the three of them love music and that's all that matters!

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