10 creative ways to illustrate the same song

"Oh, dear! There are exactly 11 deers, as the 11 videos I released for my song!"

"Oh, dear! There are exactly 11 deers, as the 11 videos I released for my song!"

Natsume Mito cuts her bangs too short and she doesn't care about what you think!

This is the meaning of the song "Maegami Kirisugita!". The model, actress and now singer Natsume Mito is from Asobi System company, yes, the same as Capsule, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, TEMPURA KIDZ or Yun*chi. It is Yasutaka Nakata himself, member of Capsule, who composed the song for Natsume Mito, so it is normal we find similarities between Mito's and Kyary's song. Although Nakata also composes for Kyary and Perfume, in a way we can still know it is his style, but he manages to gives each artist its own touch. "Maegami Kirisugita!" is as addictive as other production by Nakata and it is completed by 10  weird music videos that I'm going to show you now.


Below, you can visit the link to see the "prologue" of this wonderful adventure!

"Dharma" version: folkloric clothing, game and masks.

"Auditory Hallucinations" version: visual hallucinations too, yeah.

"Chinese Cabbage" version: the "cleanest" version, now it looks like a production with budget. Almost.

"Forehead-chan" version: it makes me think of the style of Michel Gondry!

"Graffiti" version: it will surely reminds you of Perfume's music video "Mirai no Museum", and also of Junji Ito.

"Suspect" version: this one shows Japan's love for mystery drama.

"Herd" version: one of my favourite, I like the simple striking drawings!

"Crab-sama" version: hype, very hype video, let's be friend with Crab-sama.

"Scourer" version: my least favourite video. It is just so plain compared to others.

"Era" version: time for sport-highschool drama with friends.

Which one is your favourite version?

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