G-Dragon launches his coup d'état

G-Dragon shows us that he can't be considered as an idol anymore. Today, more than ever. Sure, there was the brilliant album "One Of A Kind" where he displayed a lot of cool songs, with nice featurings such as Jennie Kim, Tablo and Dok2. But now, we're talking about a 14 tracks album and not 7.

I feel like that this album will be more into hip-hop style. After Heartbreaker and its popish songs, One of a Kind and its various genres, Coup d'Etat will be hip-hop reign. Having Missy Elliott, Lydia Paek or Zion. T is awesome.


Let's move to the music video. What makes a MV good? Common points with pop culture. And here we have plenty of it! Of course nowadays it is nearly impossible to create something new. Nope, today the real challenge is to use old concepts in a new way. And that's where GD is a genius.

He has created a strong character with main features (as a manga character): fearless fashion style, love for art, hairstyle experimentations (but it can count in same category as fashion), logo, name that sounds like a trendy brand (Jiyong's real name was turned into Giyongchy in Crayon MV - Givenchy brand)...

We can see he used his favourite symbol again: the apple. But here, it looks like more a skull than an apple. The whole video is a lot darker than Heartbreaker era. Again from his old MVs, his white face masks are covering an entire wall. GD himself stands in front of it, all black dressed and wearing one of those masks. As in One Of A Kind MV, GD is saying to us "Heartbreaker and my Idol identity is over" To him, it is not hip-hop that is dead but K-Pop.

Maybe it's time to accept K-Pop as Pop. Yes, K-Pop is just pop sang in Korean, right? Nowadays we don't say British Pop or American Pop... so why saying K-Pop or even J-Pop? Language doesn't matter. I'll stop here because I'm faaaaaar away from the main goal of this topic. Now let's talk about the MV, scene by scene:

  • First place is so Christopher Nolan's style. As in the 3rd Batman, he hides his face and is in a tower (?) without a roof. Some big iron ball is hitting regularly the walls. Is that a torture place? Because I think the sound might be really loud...
  • Then another scene: a young boy is standing in front of a grave (which looks like a grave from Cimetière du Père-Lachaise) Is that GD young or just a random boy admiring GD?
  • Next we have a Tim Burton's style forest with weird women in red. Everyone in the MV is blindfolded except the little boy and GD. This one appears in the forest and in place of his heart, there's a large red wound on his shirt. Someone caught his heart?
  • The heart transforms in a hole where we can see GD's face. He's in a store (?) where he's selling tickets for "Shine a Light", which is its first album. But no customers are there.
  • Althought while we enters the shop, there are actually people outside! We just can see their shadows and it's a little creepy. GD has Cruella de Vil hairstyle. And the whole scene is Lady Gagaesque.
  • Back to another part of the forest of Tim Burton, this is Sleepy Hollow's tree I'm sure, but in white. With some creepy apples that look like skulls. The most creepy through is the woman with a big hat (that look like a creation of Alexander McQueen) who is wearing a chainsaw... and the way she stands reminds me of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill (or even the nurses brrrr) So that woman is she here to cut the tree that represents the first album of GD? He must really hate that album...
  • New scene: GD is boiling money in a kitchen. Wow. That money seems rotten and the fire is bright yellow. Just after that, GD is sitting on a chair that looks alike Constantine's chair in the eponym movie. You know, Keanu Reeves sit on a chair, bare footed, with water on his feet and touch an electric wire to go in hell. And GD is precisely moving like he got electrocuted, sitting bare footed in that chair.
  • Near the end of the MV we have artwork by Harif Guzman (now let me google the name, one moment...) who call himself "Haculla" and one of his artwork has the title "One of a Kind"
  • Last scene: after lizard GD throw away his skin, he also throw a little stone that break his prison. And behind those walls... GD is wearing red and seems ready to lead an army to victory (leading Bangtan Boys on the path of Seungri... oops fangirl stupid babbling, sorry)

ANYWAY. This MV reminds me of Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, Constantine, Silent Hill... and I don't mind! Visually it's awesome, with dark atmosphere and suddenly bright colours. It looks like a video games or a sci-fi/fantasy/horror movie. Please GD, keep doing that great work!

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