Mix everything and you got it {August 2013}

August was a bunch of various things

I caught the Running Man mania or disease - as you want. Truth is: I wanted to watch all episodes in a few days. I kind of did it... No, actually I watched every single episode with Song Joong Ki. And I left the others to later - maybe when I'll be bored and don't know what to see (it will never happen) Anyway, Running Man is my favourite Korean tv show. Try it if you never saw it, it is entertaining. Really. Adults running after one another, laughing like crazy kids and sometimes doing pranks. And what pranks! And giving themselves cute nicknames... Ok, you got the main plot but you have to watch it. Just forget the episode with Jessica of SNSD, worst episode ever, she's complaining about running. The hell girl, it's called "Running Man" so why are you here?!


Truly, she's probably THE idol I hate in K-Pop world. On another hand, 2NE1 rocks the house with their second title for comeback: "Do you love me?" Yes I do, the song is catchy, fun and is indeed a new "I'm the best" song. Unfortunately, maybe I'm not a real Blackjack, but I hated the music video. To me it was too much copy/paste from American videos where people party hard. There are plenty of this kind of videos and yes, 2NE1's one is not trashy or dirty as US videos. Why doing such a "normal" video? Power of K-Pop is perfect set with wonderful choreography and stunning outfits. Ok, I liked some outfits in DYLM (Minzy in black top Lanvin look-alike is gorgeous), through they should have keep this footage for 2NE1 TV.

About TV, I watched again Inception and I fall in love again with this movie. I already made an article about it but in French. Yup, sorry for English readers.

Hurray, I watched Angels and Demons! This second movie with cool character Robert Langdon was as good as Da Vinci Code. My favourite scenes  (OH MY POTATO is this a spoiler?!) were the introduction of the movie, with the ring being destroyed with a hammer ("and my ax!" - thank you Gimli, what are you doing here?) and second scene was Langdon being trapped in Vatican's library with a guard. No hot scene, calm yourself people, it was just an epic battle against... a glass wall. They lacked of oxygene and the ways they finally broke through the glass was funny. Watch the scene here!

About epicness, I went to cinema with my mom (hello mommy I love you~) for the latest Wolverine, called The Wolverine. Simple title for a complex character. In French the movie title is longer: "Wolverine, the fight of the immortal" Oh, wow. Are they paid by the length of the title...? So the movie was badass for two main reasons: #1 it takes place in Japan #2 there are actors and actresses Japanese (I also count a Korean) Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima were beautiful and so the Russian actress with a complicated name (Svetlana Khodchenkova) seemed plain next to them. Sorry if you're a fan of her, but I'm fan of Asian people and this is my blog. Laughing out loud.

And because I wanted to see more beautiful asian actresses I watched again Memoirs of a Geisha. Rob Marshall, I love you much more than Baz Luhrmann. If Baz is extravagant, Rob is chic. Yep, Chicago and Nine are chic movies~

We are now about to enter a different world. Jacky Brown. Tarantino. Enough said. First you should learn that I'm not a big fan of Tarantino. I'm scared by gorey movies and to some extent, Tarantino movies are pretty gorey to me. But Jacky Brown was a good surprise. I was expecting violent scenes as in Pulp Fiction or Django Unchained. Jacky was actually the nicest Tarantino (that's what said my sister, she saw more Tarantino movies than me) I'm still not a fan of his movies but I admire the fact that we can see his style and recognise it right away.

Someone you can recognise easily is Vin Diesel and in xXx he's playing his average character-type: bad guy who looks cool, funny and specialist in extreme actions. The movie is by Rob Cohen, director of the first Fast & Furious. As in this one, xXx is full of testosterone and incredible action scenes. Very entertaining, too bad some aspects of the plot are too predictable.

What was 100% unpredictable was Seungri's comeback with a second mini-album called "Let's Talk About Love" Not only he wrote the lyrics, composed the music and this time produced it (on first album is was not producer) but he thought of his concept. It totally seduced me except one detail in his promotion: during the choreography of GG BE, he gives to a female dancer a headbutt. WTF. Panda you should stop this, promoting violence is NOT cool. The most scary is that few, very few people said the same thing as me... others think it is funny. This is the world we're living in. Sigh. Check below his awesome single "Gotta Talk To U"

And I've got to talk to you about Insomnia by Stephen King. Talent of King has not to be proved anymore. The more I read King, the less I can rank his books. Each book is unique and addictive, each book makes you travel through scary lands. Let's just add that for this one, my favourite part in Insomnia was description of the auras.

In another colourful world yet scary in a way, Japanese highschool girls are dating for money. Love & Pop by Ryo Murakami is a warning for Japanese girls and a warning also for foreigners readers. Behind kawaii and fashion are standing crazy consumers, ready to sell their body for earning precious jewelry or clothes.

In a lighter subject, My Sassy Girl is a Korean movie institution. This THE movie who gave inspiration to all our beloved k-dramas and new k-movies. It gained so much success that even American made a remake. Jun Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun are great, funny and make a lovely couple. After seeing this movie, I understand better the headbutt in Seungri's choreography. It seems that Korean people are educated with lot of slaps and punition (at school and at home)... I hope nowadays it has changed.

And now last part of this month with japanese drama Zeni Geba, portraying the creepy but sad Ken'ichi Matsuyama as Futarou, a man being crazy about money. It's a dark drama, if you expect some comedy, I do not recommend you this one. What I liked was how thoughful it is and for once, happy hurray, we do not have happy ending.

Keep being unhappy because my dear Song Joong Ki went to do his military service (good, he's responsible) for 2 long years (bad, really bad, no drama or movie with him for a long time) It's too bad because he gained attention with his role in Werewolf Boy and now that people want to give him projects he left. Cry cry. Let's hope he won't have any scandal and will come back not too skinny.

It's nearly the end of this article and I'll quickly finish it because I'm out of breath for writing so long in English (I write in English while listening to Korean songs and hearing my family speaking in French - globalization I love you) I watched on Arte a movie called Tina and guess what? It depicts the life of Tina Turner. That was SAD, I wanted to kill Ike for beating his wife like this.

Now the real finish is with the cutest movie ever after Totoro: Usagi Drop. Rewind my articles, I watched it a month ago I believe. I watched it again but with my whole family this time and we all liked it. Tadaaaa~

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