My Top 5 Creepy K-Pop Music Videos


So you thought it was this kind of creepy, right~

It could have been but we're talking today with "normal" creepy music videos. Don't expect weird K-Pop Idols making creepy eyes or scaring each other. (I also had the idea of only posting Girls' Generation music videos to show you what creepy means but I thought it wasn't very nice... and to be honest, I like some of their songs)

Nope, today creepy here, in this blog post means:

  • videos full of guys being romantico-gothic
  • snakes, spiders and other disgusting things
  • dark tone, no light, I told you we should have paid the bill
  • some exceptions with bright colours...
  • through there are uncomfortable scenes.

Let's begin our creepy party~

{Note: Sorry this time I was too lazy to translate this post in French...}

#1 Kim Jaejoong "Mine"

It has the highest rank in my top 5 because of the quality of the video. Ok, I was a little disappointed that it copied some scenes from Woodkid... but since Jaejoong is really handsome and moreover the song is badass... I can forgive this~ Also, please never put that shiny things on your face again, you look like Lady Gaga.

#2 B2AST "Shadow"

Great quality here also and they had the good idea to put some reflects and sketchs. The creepy moment you should not miss is blank eyes, that is my favourite part at 2:40. Oh and the girl, they should have put someone more expressive, she's a little boring...


v#3 Lee Jung Hyun "V"

This one is probably the most unique and original in this Top 5. I already wrote an article (in French, sorry) in category Music Videos Review. It's creepy indeed, if you scared by dolls and haunted house but it is funny at the same time, which is an excellent combo. Enjoy!

#4 Ladies' Code "Hate You"

After telling yourself this is so similar to Lee Hi song's "Rose" (same rhythm and voice, thanks mom for telling me), you can appreciate the video. Same as Lee Jung Hyun, we have creepy dolls, MORE dolls. Those doll are having a bad time between the hands of the group. Well, I prefer those girls to hurt dolls than real humans, what do you think?


#5 VIXX "Hyde"

Animals, sketching, wings, boring girl, we have here all the elements we saw in the previous videos. One exception: as the title says it, we're talking of double-personality here and that, is interesting. For once we're seeing new themes in K-Pop (unless it was already made in first generation K-Pop...? I don't know) And ugh please stop those focus on worms...!

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